Other possibilities

Are your preferences not met by courses 1 or 2 ?
For example, you (alone or with one or more others) would like to learn how to:

  • make a presentation
  • discuss at a meeting
  • write a business letter
  • take a beginnerscourse
  • improve speaking
  • train for the exams
  • train grammar rules
  • get to know more about Holland
  • receive feedback on your written texts by e-mail
  • etcetera

Please contact me!

The number of lessons (a minimum of 1, no maximum) and the lesson
material will be assigned in conjunction with you.
The material costs will be at your own expense.

For 1 person: € 35 per hour each person
For 2 persons: € 20 per hour each person
For 3 persons: € 15 per hour each person

Prices for more persons on demand.
Prices for companies on demand.